Bayphase is an International Oil and Gas Consultancy established in 1986.
For over 30 years we have assisted our Clients in making their Key Technical and Financial Decisions.

Bayphase's team of consultants is able to be deployed to answer detailed questions associated with reserves determination, cost estimating, field development planning, reservoir modelling and strategic planning.

Our team comprises subsurface and surface technical specialists along with economists who are able to provide a robust fully integrated solution for any oil and gas exploration or development requirement.

Bayphase Primary Focus

Resource Auditing and Valuation

This aspect of our business covers resource assessments for all types of hydrocarbon properties including exploration development and production licenses. We have extensive experience of carrying out this work for conventional oil, non-associated gas, gas condensate, heavy oil, and shale gas resourc... read more

Cost Auditing and Estimation

We have over 30 years experience of developing independent cost estimates, verifying cost estimates and the development of software for cost estimating for oil and gas projects. We are a recognised leader in the assessment of all costs associated with oil and gas projects. Our experience in developi... read more

Field Development Planning

We have over 30 years experience in Field Development Planning (FDP). Our experienced team is able to perform integrated assessments of both the subsurface and surface aspects of an FDP. We typically tend to engage in two activities: Development of Feasibility and Conceptual Level FDPs The Auditin... read more

Reservoir Modelling

We are able to conduct integrated reservoir models for all field types. Here we integrate the work of key disciplines, including Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir Engineering and Facilities Engineering to develop Reservoir Models on industry leading software platforms. We have developed integrated mod... read more

Strategic Planning

We are versed in conducting strategic planning for exploration and development on a countrywide basis. Here we tend to assess the resources of a whole country, either for the host Government or a strategic investor looking to make a significant contribution to the target country's oil and gas devel... read more

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