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As part of its analytical armoury the company has software licenses for key geological, reservoir and process evaluation software including:

  • The Kingdom Suite – Seismic Interpretation and well data analysis
  • Petrel – 3D geological modelling
  • Eclipse Black Oil– reservoir modelling
  • Eclipse Multi-component – reservoir modelling
  • TerraMod – Basin and Petroleum System Modelling
  • Powerlog – petrophysical and well log analysis
  • TerraStation - Borehole Image Analysis
  • Well Flo – Well Analysis and Modelling
  • Ecrin - Well Test and Production Analysis
  • ARCInfo – Geographical Information System Development
  • Crystal Ball – probabilistic assessment

The company also has its own proprietary cost estimating software – NetCo$ter – that it uses to support its reserves and field development planning assessments. 

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