Strategic Planning

We are versed in conducting strategic planning for exploration and development on a countrywide basis.

Here we tend to assess the resources of a whole country, either for the host Government or a strategic investor looking to make a significant contribution to the target country's oil and gas development.

Our work in this area is founded on our resource assessment capability which is the link to developing and testing strategies designed to meet our clients goal with assurance and as cost effectively as possible.

We have extensive experience in this subject and have conducted these strategic studies:

  • Angolan Government: Developed a strategy to recover natural gas from 23 License areas.
  • Republic of Kazakhstan: Assisted the Government in developing strategies for licensing and development of its major oil and gas properties for over 15 years.
  • Government of Ukraine: Developed a natural gas strategy to enable Ukraine to develop its natural gas properties and eliminate net gas imports by 2023.

The group has also conducted similar strategic studies for both host governments and strategic investors in these countries:

  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Algeria
  • Pakistan

As indicated above, our strategic studies tend to commence from a resource assessment but also include a significant field development component where we will assess options available for a particular situation or asset.

Once options are established we will then use economic analysis and risk assessment to advise on the optimal route forward. This might be by recommending a single optimal route forward, but it may involve a multi-vector approach to strategy execution.

The type of products we have developed as a result of our strategic assessments include:

  • National Natural Gas Strategy
  • Licensing Strategy for Prospecting Acreage
  • Major Investor Market Entry Strategy
  • Local Industry Industrial Development Strategy
  • Multiple License Area Exploration Strategy
  • Local Manpower Training and Development Strategy
  • Upstream Industries Development Strategy
  • National Infrastructure Development Strategy
  • National Hydrocarbon Inventory Statement

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