Independent Reserves Redetermination - Offshore Field

Around 3 years after our first assessment on this field and following the implementation of further exploration activities including shooting of an extensive 3D data set and drilling of deep wells carried out an independent deterministic and probabilistic reserves redetermination  for this offshore Giant Carbonate field in Kazkahstan. We developed a fully integrated geological and reservoir simulation model for the field. The work included full assessment and interpretation of a 3D seismic data set, development of a static geological model and a dynamic reservoir model. We carried out modelling to determine optimum configuration for a gas re-injection scheme. We also carried out conceptual field development planning to determine the associated surface production scheme.

The special features considered included: fracture modelling and prediction to determine potential contribution to reserves; interpretation of well logs from deep well drilling to the field’s basement. We prepared reserves certification statements in accordance the PRMS standard and in accordance with regulations set down by Kazakhstan’s State Reserves Committee. 

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