Whiptail Field ESIA Review

This ESIA Review vetted in detail all elements to ensure their viability and that they met internationally acceptable standards:

1.      Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

2.      Oil Spill Management Plan

3.      Design philosophy for the minimization of the carbon footprint of operations, the carbon intensity of production, and the avoidance of GHG emissions, including zero routine gas flaring objectives

4.      The ESM impact of the: Drilling, SURF and FPSO systems

5.      The ESM impact of the development’s commercial basis

6.      The Health, Safety, Environment and Social (HSES) impacts and proposed mitigation measures

7.      The Decommissioning Plan and Budget in relation to its alignment with the Environmental Protection (EP) Act

8.      The ESM impact of natural gas utilization plan for the field

The overall ESM risk management strategy

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