Expert Witness Support – Dispute, Georgia

We were engaged to assist with the technical aspects of a Reply Memorial and witness statements. During a dispute with a third party over unfulfilled work commitments which potentially could be used to increase available creditor funds. The evidence in the dispute was presented as part of a case in the London Court of International Arbitration. The evidence included technical – our input – and legal inputs. 

We reviewed and considered the supporting documents in the dispute specifically as they related to consider these issues:

  1. The definition of the "Initial Work Program" in a Joint Venture Operating Agreement which included reference to a “specific Structure”. We assessed which areas would be covered by the "specific Structure" and whether this would include a "specific Lead"
  2. The Respondents' position was that there was no viable prospect for “specific Lead” or the “specific Structure”. We were asked for our views on the prospectivity of “specific Lead” or the “specific Structure”.

We conducted geophysical and geological assessments to develop our opinions and based those on Good International Oil Field Practice.

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