Uaru Field ESIA Review, Guyana

This ESIA Review considered these elements:

  1. The Environmental and Social Management (ESM) strategy and development model, as well as the criteria utilised in the Licensee’s choices.
  2. The adequacy of the FDP’s design philosophy for the minimization of the carbon footprint of operations, the carbon intensity of production, and the avoidance of GHG emissions, including zero routine gas flaring objectives.
  3. The ESM impact of production simulations and estimation of hydrocarbons to be produced, including recovery efficiency analysis taking into consideration the use of natural gas for injection and export.
  4. The proposed project schedule, including tail end production.
  5. The ESM impact of the proposed subsea system.
  6. The ESM impacts of well & reservoir management including well design and production technology, and depletion strategy, taking into consideration the GOG’s objective of maximising the recovery of hydrocarbon resources and of hydrocarbon resources, minimizing the carbon footprint of operations, the carbon intensity of production and zero routine gas flaring objectives.
  7. The ESM impact of proposed design for FPSO and topside facilities.
  8. The ESM implications of the FDP’s financial models, economic analyses and cost estimates and reports submitted by the Licensee towards ensuring financial optimization of oil and gas recovery profiles.
  9. The Health, Safety, Environment and Social (HSES) impacts and proposed mitigation measures.
  10. The Decommissioning Plan and Budget.
  11. The ESM impact of natural gas utilization plan for the field.
  12. The overall ESM risk management strategy.
  13. The incorporation of ESM lessons learned from previous FDPs and associated studies, as well as identifying the extent and expected effectiveness of their integration into the FDPs under consideration.
  14. Any revisions made to the ESIA so as to ensure that the ESM issues and deficiencies or requested modifications identified in the original FDP have been adequately addressed.
  15. How the Licensee has incorporated and can incorporate climate solutions into the proposed development.
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