Uaru Field Concept Selection Process Review, Guyana

This Concept Selection Process Review considered these elements:

  1. The design philosophy strategy and development models, as well as the criteria utilised in the Licensee’s choices including cost effectiveness. potential tie-ins, and production licensing philosophy;
  2. The scenarios for development and analysis of geophysical and geological models, their volumetrics and associated uncertainties.
  3. The well and reservoir management and depletion strategies under consideration;
  4. The proposed FPSO design and topside facilities considering the GoG’s objective of ‘no routine flaring’;
  5. Modifications made to previously used facilities design and the Licensee’s justification for these;
  6. Financial modelling and calculation of net present values including verification of reserves included in the development;
  7. The proposed project cost estimates economic analyses, cost savings and overall implications for the cost bank;
  8. The risk management strategy for the risks identified in each development scenario;
  9. The incorporation of lessons learnt from previous CSP Reviews and associated studies implemented by the Licensee;
  10. How the development scenarios can incorporate climate solutions;
  11. A review of relevant documentation.


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