National Field Development Planning Guideline, Guyana

Developed a set of National FDP Guideline designed to enable Guyana to engage with the Licensees responsible for developing its petroleum resources in a structured manner that ensure plans submitted and approved met regulatory requirements. 

This Guideline is comprised of these sections:

Essential Principles: This section establishes the Essential Principles and objectives which from the DE’s perspective, all Contractors should meet in developing their FDP’s.

Engagement Framework: This section states the Engagement Framework which Contractors should follow with the DE during the development of an FDP. The DE should not be presented with a single document to review at the end of the FDP development process but should be consulted at each stage of development.

FDP Contents: This section states what the Contents of an FDP submitted for consideration by the DE should be, including descriptions of the standards and requirements to be met under each section.

Training workshops were also given which were designed to instruct Guyanese nationals on how to review FDP submissions. 

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