Competent Person Person Report (CPR) Deep-water Offshore Concession, Brazil

Developed a CPR for a deep-water offshore concession containing four discoveries in accordance with the PRMS. The CPR was performed to a level that allowed it to be used for obtain Company, Government and Project Finance approvals.   

The work conducted included:

  1. Carrying out detailed 3-D seismic data interpretation which included Seismic-Well Tie, Geological Mapping of Discovered Oil & Gas Reservoirs, and associated major/minor faults, generation of structure maps and pay maps along with porosity and hydrocarbon saturation maps for each identified reservoir.
  2. Petrophysical Evaluation & Analysis of Discovery & Successful Appraisal Wells
  3. Integration of Core, Well logs and Broadband/Conventional 3-D Seismic data for Lithofacies, Porosity, Rock Properties and Pore Fluid Distribution..
  4. Preparation of Static Reservoir Geological Models for Four major Discoveries based on available Seismic, Well logs, Core data and all other available G&G & other technical information.
  5. Up-scaling of Static Geological model to construct Full-field Dynamics Reservoir Models & Simulation cases accounting for various Heterogeneous Flow Characters of Discovered Reservoirs, and Production Forecasting.
  6. Identification of Reservoir Uncertainties (reservoir extent, heterogeneities, flow units, flow behaviour, reservoir pressure maintenance, Estimated Ultimate Recover (EUR) per well & field

In-Place Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment, Assessment of Technical Recoverable Volumes and a Volumetric Resources Assessment Report were developed.

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