Field Development Plan (FDP) Review - Payara, Guyana

Based on international good practices and the specific conditions present in Guyana, conducted an in-depth review of the FDP and supporting documents submitted by the Contractor to gain government approval for this development. This review included an assessment of:

  1. The strategy and the development model, as well as the criteria for the choices that have been made by the Contractor (with a particular focus on cost effectiveness) and potential alternatives
  2. Reserves associated with the development including a verification to PRMS standard
  3. The engineering, geological and geophysical interpretations, simulations, and estimations (with a particular focus on recovery factor efficiency using natural gas injection and available natural gas for export)
  4. The proposed project schedule (with a particular focus on tail end production).
  5. The proposed subsea system.
  6. The well & reservoir management strategy (considering the Government of Guyana’s objective of maximizing the recovery of hydrocarbon resources and of no-gas flaring)
  7. The proposed oil and gas surface facilities.
  8. The Health, Safety, Environment and Social (HSES) impacts and proposed mitigation.
  9. The Abandonment Plan.
  10. The overall risk management strategy.
  11. Assessing how learnings from our Liza Phase 2 FDP review had been incorporated in to the Payara FDP

Prepared a report summarizing the opinions formed in the evaluation of the FDP, highlighting any deficiencies, unresolved issues, or areas of additional technical analysis that government should request from the Contractor before making a determination on the FDP.

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