Iraq Data Set - 9th Edition - November 2019

Bayphase Data, the Subsurface Data Management Agency of International Oil and Gas Consultancy Bayphase Ltd. have launched the 9th Edition of their Iraq Data Set. This ultra premier Data Set brings about what is likely to be the world’s largest repository of Iraq Well Logs and Well Test Summaries currently available for oil and gas experts to scrutinize; numbering over one hundred.


“We are confident that the Bayphase Data’s Iraq Data Set is without-a-doubt a key turner for exploration in Iraq. We have observed that the Data Set’s ease of use facilitates visionary insights and collaborative synergy, enabling E&P teams achieve a high level of common comprehensive understanding of a country, which as we all know has one of the largest reserves of oil yet to be produced” disclosed Bayphase Managing Director Geoff Eyre. “Following several months of dedicated research by our Iraq Team, we are delighted to make this data set available today through our Bayphase Data department”.


Included at the launch of the Iraq Data Set are a series of thoroughly reviewed Well Formation Tops, which aid geoscientists to build structure models of the subsurface on their workstations.


“Over the late summer and into autumn, there has been a noticeable increase in the levels of interest in Iraq from IOCs” expressed Mr. Eyre. “Having collated and processed the Iraq Data Set over a period of many years we have been fortunate to position ourselves now as the rational choice for Iraq E&P companies to service their data needs”.


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