Prospectivity Study -Three Sedimentary Basins, Iraq

We carried out a prospectivity study on Iraq Sedimentary Basins: Zagros Fold Belt, Mesopotamian and Western and Southwestern Deserts. The study was designed to assess potential upsides in existing fields through assessing oil potential in non-drilled reservoir bearing horizons and potential field extensions. The study also assess prospective structures in each basin based on scouting information, third party regional interpretations and contour maps developed by Bayphase.

We used Boston square analysis in order to rank the fields and prospects against a range of parameters. The analysis was used by the Client as part of his decision making process in developing an engagement strategy for Iraq. We carried out a preliminary and detailed reserves certification and valuation for a small oil field in Kazakhstan’s Pre-Caspian basin. We developed a seismic interpretation and used available well log and test data to develop a reserves determination to PRMS standards.The Certification was used as part of an investment funding process designed to establish funds for development of the field and to carryout further exploration of the license area. We also developed an exploration plan for further evaluation of the license area including deep pre-salt carbonate structures.

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