Iraq Strategic Report - 11th Edition - July 2017

With the potential to rival the reserves and production of Saudi Arabia, Iraq presents the greatest opportunity available today to the world's oil and gas industry. Whether you are an oil company, service company or investor, Iraq has the potential to deliver significant opportunity and influence your strategic decision-making no matter where you operate.

Iraq's Central Authorities have announced that a fifth licensing round will take place in the near future. The license areas and the properties associated with this round have been defined. Full details and summary analysis of these properties will be included in the Iraq Strategic Report. Companies requiring detailed custom analysis of the blocks from a technical and commercial standpoint should contact us directly. 

Our Iraq Strategic Report provides a detailed, up-to-date analysis of all aspects of Iraq's Oil and Gas Industry, which includes the following elements:

Upstream: Oil and Non-associated Gas Fields and Production Facilities
Midstream: Pipelines, Terminals
Downstream: Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Processing Plants
Infrastructure: Power Generation, Transportation

Though the Report presents an industry wide assessment its main focus is Iraq's upstream oil and non-associated gas fields and their production facilities. Here a basinal view of Iraq has been taken with the country categorised in to its three main sedimentary basins:

- Northern Folded Zone
- Mesopotamian Basin
- Western and Southwestern Deserts

The Report provides analysis and detailed data sets for 127 oil and non-associated gas fields. We continually monitor the Licensing Activities of both the Iraq Central Authorities and the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide up-to-date assessments - a key feature of this Report

A sister publication of the Report is our Iraq Exploration and Production Two Map Set which can be purchased separately.

We have developed a companion publication to this Report that analyses the economics associated with each of the fields we have identified here - see the Iraq Fields Financial Report web page for more details.

We have also established a set of raw data that is loaded on The Kingdom Suite  for use in exploration and production assessments - see our Iraq Data Set web page for more details.

The Report has 921 pages and is priced at 7,500GBP (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Pounds Sterling) for a single user license which includes updates for the 1st year following purchase.

It is delivered electronically and as a hard copy via FEDEX.

For full details of our offer open the links to:

1) Our press release issued in August 2017 confirming issue of the 11th Edition.

2) The PDF copy of our overview Iraq Strategic Report marketing booklet

3) The PDF copy of our detailed Iraq Strategic Report marketing booklet including example assessment and detailed contents list

All of these items can be accessed at the base of this web page.




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